We Build

Wireless technology connects people, devices and networks endlessly throughout the world. We are committed to make this vision possible. Our multi-tenant leasing model offers communications sites that bridge the communication gap, keeping people and industries connected and stay in touch without barriers.

We Get
Your Signal On Air

Our sites are home to cellular and wireless, radio and television broadcast, microwave and two-way radio communications equipment. Our towers support the networks of our wide range of customers, helping them to increase their coverage and capacity acquisition.

We Are
More Than Towers

Where network connectivity is necessary and towers are not available, we provide a number of alternative in-building and outdoor solutions. We help keep peoples and businesses connected no matter where their activities take place.

We Grow
To Meet Demand

The demand for mobile device connectivity is exploding and more sites will be necessary to keep people connected. Redpyne has anticipated this need and we are constantly growing our portfolio so we can satisfy the needs of customers.

We Are
A Long-term Partner

Our business is based upon long-term relationships-with our customers, property owners and investors. We are committed to developing a shared success relationship with our partners. We are grounded in the needs of today but are always looking forward and planning for the needs of tomorrow.

We Do
Things The Right Way

Integrity and accountability are important to us; we wouldn't conduct business without them and it's why they are part of our Core Principles. We value our assets, the communities we operate in and our people. Educating and training our employees to operate in a safe and compliant manner is a top priority. We respect our natural resources, inhabits and promote environmentally conscious business strategies.

Our Leading Solution


Our business is delivering wireless communications and broadcast network infrastructure. Our portfolio, combined with our multiple tenant leasing model, allows us to provide you with a diverse array of towers, with locations and heights to fit your coverage needs throughout the state. Let our operational experience and dedication to grow your needs, help you optimize your broadcast and wireless tower networks. We have niche capability to build towers to suit your specific needs.

Small Cells

In addition to our traditional large-scale macro solutions, Redpyne can also offer Small Cell solutions as a part of our comprehensive network deployment approach. These solutions expand network coverage and capacity to existing networks on a smaller, micro scale.

Small Cell technology allows Redpyne to establish targeted capacity relief to compliment a customer's existing wireless network. We work closely with building owner to facilitate wireless carrier tenant lease agreements and maintain ongoing management responsibilities, so your single point of contact remains with Redpyne. Our expertise in the real estate and telecom industries makes us an ideal partner. We can support the interests of both customers and building owners alike. We continue to streamline and simplify our collocation process so you can install and get on air quickly and easily.


Filling capacity gaps in your wireless network can be challenging when towers aren't located in the areas where you need service.

Redpyne has formed partnerships with the local authority and committed property owners to create opportunities for increased network coverage and capacity at managed rooftop sites across the state. Installing your network equipment on the rooftop of an existing building enhances your network coverage in densely populated areas and locations where tower development is prohibitive.


These days the expectation of Wi-Fi coverage has become an importance universal needs. People has high demand of Wi-Fi services in retail stores, offices, restaurants and other venues to allow them remain connected through wireless communications.

Wi-Fi networks also allow for the off-loading of data from traditional cellular networks. Available as an addition to one of our in-building or outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks, Redpyne Wi-Fi solutions provide fast and robust Wi-Fi connectivity in your facility, building or campus.

Why Wi-FI?

  • Improves the wireless communications experience of guests and length of stay at your facility

  • Offers a value-added feature at your facility

  • Operates on unlicensed spectrum, allows for fast network development

  • Provides ubiquitous service within the coverage area

Distributed Antenna Systems - DAS

A key tool for delivering increased coverage in challenging environments where towers are impractical.

In Building DAS

  • In-building DAS relieves pressure from the macro network by removing nearby buildings from the coverage and capacity equation.

  • Our systems enable property owners to install one wireless infrastructure that supports all service providers and frequencies. Installation is simple for the service providers and non-intrusive to the building's everyday operations.

  • Depending on the venue requirements and the goals of wireless service providers, Redpyne can engineer and install the right in-building DAS solution.

Distributed Antenna Systems - DAS

Outdoor DAS

  • As a licensed public utility in the state, Redpyne has the experience and resources to work with service providers and communities to develop communication solutions that fit in any environment.

  • Redpyne delivers outdoor DAS solutions in today's challenging zoning environments. We work with wireless service providers and local communities to deliver superior coverage in locations where towers are not a viable option.

  • Our unique approach to DAS is aligned with the goals of our customers-to deploy the most cost-effective coverage solutions for a given environment. Our turnkey solutions include everything from site acquisition and permitting to site design, construction repair and maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring support.


Redpyne is looking forward to partnering with landowners who are interested in leasing their land for communications site development. As a practice, Redpyne welcomes any inquiries or submittals for individual, private or corporate land parcels. The locations where we build or develop new tower sites are determined by the needs and requirements of our customers.

When we evaluate locations to develop a new site, we will thoroughly research all available parcels and contact the respective owners to discuss the availability of their property. If you are interested in submitting your property for review, please contact us.

Redpyne will keep your property information on file for future consideration. We will contact you directly if there is potential interest in utilizing your land to develop a tower site. If you represent a government agency or a commercial real estate portfolio with multiple locations, we are interested in learning about your properties. We will review your information against our database of needs. Please send your site information and description of your agency or company to [email protected]

Tower Owners

At Redpyne, we are always looking for new strategies to expand our portfolio through the acquisition
of existing towers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to acquire your towers.

Tower Acquisitions

Redpyne has the experience in acquiring towers and a proven track record of quick project closure under the agreed terms. Our reputation is very important to us, so whether we are acquiring one tower or thousands, we strike to treat all sellers with fairness, integrity and respect.

To ensure successful transactions, each seller will deal with a specific member of our acquisitions staff, who will be your first point of contact ensuring that seller gets an efficient and pleasant transaction.

If you are considering selling your towers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tower Marketing and Management

We seize the opportunity to work directly with tower owners and developers to help them achieve a greater investment return from their assets. Redpyne is always prepared to market and manage your towers, providing you with new revenue streams in the long term.

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